Welcome to aelmai!

I always enjoy reading the about pages on blogs, it gives me the idea that I know the person behind the blog. My name is Lea and this is my little corner on the world wide web. I have been blogging for years, but usually it was anonymous. If you look hard enough you will probably find some embarassing blogs posts I wrote a long long time ago. I prefer it if you don’t. Just stay here okay? I promise it will be fun.

If there is one thing I learned these past two years is that nothing goes according to plan. I am one of those cliché social studies student. Yup, that’s right. A bachelor of science in Psychology. That was two years ago. At the moment I am at Plan D… or E of how my life should go. No worries, luckily the alphabet goes to Z.

So in the mean time I blog, I photograph, I try to do the splits, polefitness and work on those abs* and just waste a lot of time with sleeping. *Yeah I still did not find them.  Besides an obsession for pink I should have outgrown 10 years ago I love to read, work on a radioshow each Wednesday and make travel plans.

On this blog I try to blog about all the things that interest me. Starting with my travel to Thailand, Vietnam and South Korea.

I apologise for the combination of Dutch and English on this blog. I am slowly trying to change it all to English! But it takes a while, since tumblr is distracting me.



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